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If you can imagine it, you can achieve it;

if you can dream it, you can become it.

Zakiya Mills is a multi-talented, soul-driven entrepreneur, recognized among her peers (and mentors) as being insightful and ahead of the curve. In her early thirties, Zakiya emerged as the powerhouse behind several successful brands and approaches life with a sense of purpose, hope, optimism and future-mindedness. She currently spends most of her business time coaching and consulting entrepreneurs, so they too can build their own successful and sustainable businesses.

Zakiya is the owner of ZM Group of Companies which consists of:


She is also the host of over a dozen workshops, seminars and conferences annually that are designed to help her clients achieve greater results in their career, life and business. These include the:


​Prior to launching full time in her business in 2012, Zakiya spent over a decade working in the public, manufacturing and energy sectors in various leadership roles. She’s also seasoned in marketing, branding, PR, corporate communications, protocol, crisis communications and events management.

Since 2000, Zakiya has been featured in the newspapers, radio and television programmes in Trinidad and Tobago either for her various accomplishments or as the spokesperson for the companies she represented.

Zakiya is excited about her first book Uncovering You - Your Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams. It will guide readers through her proven strategies to move from a life of adversity to one of prosperity, purpose, and success.

Zakiya is a lifelong learner who is highly qualified in the areas in which she teaches, coaches, and consults. Some of her academic qualifications include:

  • MBA, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation from Anglia Ruskin University, UK

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Studies and Sociology from the University of the West Indies with an undeclared minor in Marketing

  • Certificate in Business Acceleration from the Steve Harvey Success Institute

  • Certificate in Public Relations, Events Management and Protocol from the Institute of Training and Development

  • Certificate in Journalism for Radio, Television and Newspapers from the Academy of Broadcasting Careers

  • Certificate in Corporate Communications from the School of Business and Computer Science

  • Certificate in Advanced Image Consulting and Professional Development from the London Image Institute 

  • Certificate in Advanced Colour Analysis from Paragon Image Consultancy Training, London

  • Certificate in Personal Development Coaching from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, Atlanta

  • Diploma in Trichology from the World Trichology Society, New York

  • Certificate in Natural Hair Care, Braiding, Weaving and Locing from Taliah Waajid, Atlanta


Though she works hard, Zakiya jokes that she plays even harder. She enjoys vacation time off at least four times a year and enjoys sky diving, parasailing, zip lining, and just about any adrenalin sport. 


If you are ready to create greater results in your career, life, and business, Zakiya will guide you along your journey to achieving excellence. Are you ready? Contact her TODAY!



Zakiya Mills is the third of four children born to Gail Valdez Cole (7th February 1954 - 26th May 1985) and Ken Worrell Mills (9th February 1948 - 17th March 1997) on 2nd February 1981 . She was raised in a humble extended family environment with her grandmother, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins.


With lots of mouths to feed, Zakiya remembers her grandmother spending time in the garden planting most of what she remembers family meals to be. Growing up in modest circumstances meant that chicken or any type of meat with meals was a luxury meant only for special occasions, milk in tea was extremely rare and only having clothing that was previously owned by someone else was the norm.


Zakiya remembers her grandmother always saying that education was the only road out of poverty so her hardships and adversities were never a keep back for her. Zakiya was a high achiever who always wanted more out of life. She can reveal to you her proven strategies for overcoming obstacles in your life and moving from a life of adversity to one of prosperity and purpose.


Even as an adult Zakiya continues to live by her humble upbringing and her grandmother's teachings. She remembers her grandmother saying "You don't eat to be full, you eat to be satisfied. Juice is not good for you, when you feel for juice drink water instead. Don't look at what other people have because you don't know what they did to get it..." to name a few. She remains grounded with a purpose of helping others achieve their greatest potential. 

My mission is to be an inspiration to those who have been through a life of adversity and allow them to peel away the layers of guilt, shame, hurt and pain, to uncover their true self and move on their journey to living a life of purpose, prosperity and success.

- Zakiya Mills

Zakiya has a great appreciation for life and a passion for coaching others to achieve ultimate success. From a tender age, Zakiya had to deal with adversity with the tragic passing of her mother when she was just 4 years old and then with the untimely death of her father when she was 16. Although as a youth Zakiya felt ashamed to speak of her parents and their passing, today she understands that her journey was a transformational one that can help others find their purpose. 


Zakiya enjoys speaking at different forums showing participants her proven strategies to move from a life of adversity to one of prosperity and purpose. She coaches teens, executives and entrepreneurs, and inspires them to change their life for the better.


Her first book Uncovering You - Your Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams was published on 2 December 2016. You can get your copy online at 



I love working with professionals who are tired of blending in and are ready to stand out among the crowd.


If you’re ready to make a change but aren’t sure where to start, I invite you to come work with us where we give you a comprehensive transformation from the inside out. Trust me...when you feel good on the inside you glow on the outside. 


We'll help you gain Clarity of Thought, Clarity of Vision and Clarity of Purpose and bring fulfillment to every area of your life, career and business.

Click here to read about my purpose driven initiatives!




  • Improved the brand and profitability of Caribbean and US based entrepreneurs through one on one business coaching and consulting.

  • Upgraded the technical skills of Caribbean and International beauty professionals through the Caribbean Hair Loss Conference.

  • Allowed Caribbean entrepreneurs to strengthen their brand identity and improve profitability through the implementation of strategic systems at the Caribbean Entrepreneur Conference.

  • Upleveled the Exective Presence of Trinidad and Tobago based professionals through the Image Management and Professional Development Conference.

  • Steadily improved brand awareness of ZM Image Consultants from 2012 with the successful execution of over three dozen events and over 7000 clients.

  • Revolutionalized natural hair care and styling in Trinidad and Tobago, reaching over 30,000 men, women and children since 2012 through the Annual Natural Hair Health and Beauty Expo.

  • Improved the quality of the BG Trinidad & Tobago quarterly magazine from 2009-2012, increasing readership by over 75%.

  • Successfully completed and implemented the Crisis Communications Plan and supporting documents for BG Trinidad & Tobago and building awareness among staff both onshore and offshore.

  • Successfully managed NFM’s Corporate Communications Department gaining greater staff participation through effective internal communication strategies.

  • Updated NFM’s website, successfully launching an improved version that adequately reflected the business and products and services offered.

  • Initiated and planned NFM’s first Easter Bonnet Parade in 2008 which received high ratings by employees and guest, and set the tone for cohesion among management, staff and their families.

  • Planned and Coordinated NFM’s 2008 Long Service Awards Function and Dinner which was considered one of the best and well organized functions of the company that boosted employee morale.

  • Planned NFM’s 2007 Employees’ Christmas Lime which received high commendation by senior management and staff.

  • Editor of the first consumer tips magazine titled ‘Consumer Focus: 50 tips from 2006”, published by the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Consumer Affairs Division in March 2007.

  • Successfully improved communication between the internal and external stakeholders of the Consumer Affairs Division, Ministry of Legal Affairs through the implementation and execution of various communication programmes on television and radio and articles in the daily press in 2006 and 2007.

  • Functioned as team leader for World Consumer Rights Day Celebrations 2007 with hundreds of consumers marching through the streets of Port of Spain signaling to other consumers that ‘the POWER is yours to make every dollar count’. This was considered the largest WCRD Celebration in recent times.

  • Spearheaded eighteen public consultations throughout Trinidad and Tobago in 2005 on the Green Paper: Consumer Protection in the Information Age. The information gathered at these consultations was necessary for the drafting of new Consumer Protection Laws.

  • Organized five Bio-safety Public Consultations throughout Trinidad and Tobago in 2004 and 2005 educating consumers about issues relating to GMOs.

  • Increased the number of employees accessing the Health and Wellness Initiative at PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Ltd in 2003.

  • Revised Safety Manuals for Laboratory staff at PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Ltd in 2002, which made it easier for them to access information required.

  • Graduated as second best overall student in the 2001 A’ Level examinations at San Juan Secondary Comprehensive School and received acceptance to study Management Studies at the University of the West Indies at a time when tertiary education was not easily accessible.

  • Placed in the top ten finalists in the Guardian School Business Project 2000, where hundreds of students throughout Trinidad and Tobago wrote essays on various topics assigned. This boosted confidence among students as a 'non-prestige' school was among the winners.


Managing Director,
ZM Group of Companies

​April 2012 - present


  • Manage the operations of ZM Group of Companies Limited across its three branches located in Trinidad and Tobago.


Policy and Corporate Affairs Analyst / Communications Advisor 
BG Trinidad & Tobago Limited

​October 2009 - November 2012


  • Assisted with the management of communications and brand within the Policy and Corporate Affairs Department.

  • Managed Crisis Communications both onshore and offshore.



Corporate Communications Officer
National Flour Mills Limited

​July 2007 - September 2009


  • Managed all the functions of the Corporate Communications Department.

  • Provided strong support to the Chief Executive Officer in ensuring that tasks related to the Company’s internal and external communications requirements are fulfilled.


Communications and Public Education Officer
Ministry of Legal Affairs

​September 2004 - June 2007


  • Designed and implemented the Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for the Consumer Affairs Division, Ministry of Legal Affairs.

  • Appeared on television and radio to present and discuss information on consumers’ rights and responsibilities and the Consumer Protection Laws available.

  • Wrote articles for the Consumer Tips Column in both the Express and Guardian Newspapers.

  • Voiced scripts for the ‘Focus on the Consumer’ segment aired on radio.

  • Planned, coordinated and organized several public consultations, seminars, workshops and internal events.

  • Researched and developed educational material in the form of newsletters, brochures and information booklets for the Ministry.

  • Conducted lectures and interactive sessions to primary and secondary school students and teachers, and community groups empowering them to make wise purchasing decisions and keeping them informed about their consumer rights and responsibilities.

  • Prepared strategies for dealing with work related issues in the electronic media and daily press.

  • Wrote speeches/briefs/speaking notes for the Minister and other senior government officials.

  • Liaised with various community groups for attendance at events and media for coverage of events.

  • Prepared project proposals for the sourcing of funds and project reports.


Graduate Trainee

​July 2004 - September 2004


  • Assisted the Secretary General with management of daily activities.

  • Prepared newspaper supplement on UNESCO funded programmes.


Student Assistant
University of the West Indies

​September 2003 - May 2004


  • Provided support to students utilizing the services of the STARRS Computer Laboratory, and assisted them with any technical problems encountered


Management Trainee
PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Limited

​June 2003 - August 2003.


  • Assisted the Head Nurse with the management of the Health and Wellness Initiative. 


Management Trainee
PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Limited

June 2002 - August 2002


  • Created new safety manuals and revised existing ones for use by Laboratory workers.


Anglia Ruskin University, UK

MBA,  Leadership, Entrepreneurship and innovation 

University of the West Indies, Trinidad

B.Sc. Degree, Management Studies and Sociology

Steve Harvey Success Institute, US

Certificate in Business Acceleration 


London Image Institute, London

​Advanced Certificate, Image Consulting and Professional Development 

Paragon Image Consultancy Training, London

Advanced Colour Analysis


Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, Atlanta

Certificate in Personal Development Coaching

Illustra Business School, Atlanta

Certificate in Corporate Consultancy


World Trichology Society, New York

Diploma in Trichology and Clinical Training


Taliah Waajid, Healthy Hair | Healthy Body, Atlanta

Certificate, Advanced Natural Hair Care and Styling


Institute of Training and Development, Trinidad

​Certificate, Public Relations, Events Management and Protocol 


Announcers' Broadcast Academy, Trinidad

​Certificate, Journalism for Radio, Television and Newspapers


School of Business and Computer Science, Trinidad

​Certificate, Writing Essentials for Corporate Communications 


TRAINMAR, Trinidad

​Certificate, Business Writing Skills  


Falck Nutec, Trinidad

Certicicate, Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (TBOSIET) Incorporating Helicopter Underwater Escape Training


  • Executive Presence Training, by Diane Craig of Corporate Class Inc, Ontario Canada (March 2016)

  • Master Coaching Techniques for Image Consultants, by Lynne Marks of London Image Institute at the AICI Global Conference (August 2015)

  • Executive Presence Workshop by Mirella Zanatta of Corporate Class Inc at the AICI Global Conference (August 2015)

  • Stylin' Specs - Let's Focus on this hot accessory Workshop by Wendy Buchanan of Perceptions Eyewear at the AICI Global Conference (August 2015)

  • Mastering Natural Hair Care and Styling Workshop with Darrius Peace of (September 2012)

  • Crisis Management, Media Telephone Responder and Relative Responder training with London based firm Regester Larkin. (September 2010/September 2011)

  • Leadership workshop titled ‘Leading from where you are’, with International Leadership Consultant, Peter Garrett. (March 2010)

  • Greening the PR Practitioner, hosted by PRATT with Maria Gergova, President of the International Public Relations Association. (January 2010)

  • Managing Crisis Communications in a Volatile Environment, hosted by IABC T&T with Damon Leon, Managing Director of Genero Communications. (February 2009

  • Engaging Employees during Uncertain Times. IABC webinar held by Alison Davis, owner and CEO of award winning employee communication consultancy Davis & Company. (October 2008)

  • GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN: Challenges and Strategies for Business Communicators When the Crisis Hits Home, hosted by IABC T&T with Ronald Harford, Chairman of Republic Bank Limited, Dominic Beaubrun, CEO of CNMG and Hyacinth Guy, Director of HRMATT. (October 2008)

  • Leveraging Social Media for Effective Corporate Communications. IABC webinar held by David Meeran Scott, Bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR. (October 2008)

  • Fattening your idea file hosted by IABC T&T with Anthony Watkins. (June 2008)

  • EAP Supervisory Training held at National Flour Mills Limited by Ian Quamina of Families in Action. (April 2008)

  • Performance Management Training held at National Flour Mills Limited by Patricia Leacock, Human Resource Officer. (November 2007)

  • Quality Awareness Training – Quality Leadership held at National Flour Mills Limited by Voldis Forde: Quality Consultant. (October 2007)

  • Supervisory Training - Basic Supervisory Competencies held at National Flour Mills Limited by Yvette Maynard-Greenidge, Human Resource Manager. (July 2007)

  • Ushering for the ‘Differently-abled’ held at the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Consumer Affairs Division by representatives from the Blind Welfare Association. (2006)

  • Protocol Training held at the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Consumer Affairs Division by representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (2005)



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